Macau gambling age for foreigners

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Macau is a special administrative region in China known for gambling and tourism. ... Why is Macau considered a tax haven? ... and foreign nationals who work in the city. Macau’s per capita GDP ... Two Questions: Drinking age in Hong Kong and gambling age ... Best Answer: Legal age for drinking is 18 in HK and Macau Legal age for going to casino is 18 for visitor, 21 for Macau resident. It seems no one even enforce the drinking rule in HK and Macau. A 5 year old child can buy beer (just say buying for their parents. In most case, parents sent their kids to buy ... What Are the Rules in Macau's Casinos? - TripSavvy In general, unless you are planning to visit the high roller tables the rules are as relaxed as the dress code. That said, there are still some guidelines to follow. Here are the rules in Macau's casinos. The legal gambling age is 18 for foreigners and 21 for residents of Macau. Age limit for gambling in Casinos - Macau Forum - TripAdvisor

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Previously the minimum age to gamble in Macau casinos was 21 for Macau residents ... Recently a warning was issued to ensure that gamblers living in Macau. Age limit for gambling in Casinos - Macau Forum - TripAdvisor

The minimum age to enter a casino is 21 years old, be it for locals or visitors. There are signs posted at the entrance of every casino and there will always be security staff that will check your passport they are unsure of your age. Wiki is correct, AboutTravel is wrong. Hope this helps.

Gaming Inspection, and Coordination Bureau. Macao SAR At that time, races were organized in the newly built horse racing ground in Areia Preta by “Club Internacional de Recreio e Corridas de Macau, Limitada” who owned the monopoly concession for horse racing at that time. In 1937, Macao gaming industry had undergone a revolutionary uplift.

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